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Caring For Your BJJ Gi

We expel the myths about caring for your BJJ GI

Over the years there have been many myths on how best to care for a BJJ GI, here we will explain to you how best to care for your new BJJ GI. Please note that the instructions and advice given in this section is purely a guild line and may very from brand to brand.

Some people may tell you that you have to wash your BJJ GI in vinegar to keep the colour, or bicarbonate of soda to keep it crystal white.
- Always wash your BJJ GI at 30-40 degrees centigrade. Washing on a higher temperature can not only cause excessive shrinking but can also warp the collar of the jacket. On all our BJJ GI's the collars have an core of EMA rubber giving it strength and durability. Washing and drying on high temperatures can cause the collar to warp out of shape.
- Always wash your GI inside out, this prevents other clothes or indeed the GI itself from rubbing the fabric. Particularly in coloured BJJ GI's this will help to keep the GI's correct colour for longer.
- If possible wash with an organic or non-bio detergent this will minimize the chemicals interacting with the fabric of GI.
- We are very proud of the colour fastness of all our BJJ GI's. They are treated with a special dye sealing process in manufacture to there is no need to wash with any other products (ie vinegar, bicarbonate of soda etc)

-Under no circumstance should you place your BJJ GI in a tumble dryer, this will cause high levels of shrinkage and will stress all areas of the BJJ GI causing it to lose shape (see above section on washing at high temperatures)
- Always allow your GI to dry naturally do not let it dry against any high temperatures ie, radiators, towel rails. A method We recommend is to place the GI's on a clothes dryer and position it about 1m from a radiator. This allows the warm air to circulate and dry the GI, without the excessive temperature.

- If you are one of the people who likes to iron their GI's please iron inside our and not over any of the patches. Even though the patches on the GI's are woven they can sometimes stick to the bottom of an iron.

By nature all BJJ Gi's will shrink slightly (no matter what some brands might say!). Cotton is a material that will absorb water heavily when washed. When the GI is then dried the material will shrink back and condense down to its tightest form. If is dried at a high temperature the water evaporates from the material quciker and the cotton condenses or shrinks more. That is why when washing and drying you should do so on the lowest temperature possible.