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40mm Jigsaw Mats
40mm Jigsaw Mats 40mm Jigsaw Mats

40mm Jigsaw Mats

Product Code: 40mm Jigsaw Mats
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Versatile, light and easy to store! 1 x 1 Meter square. Excellent for Judo and grappling, a extra deep soft core provides better protection than other mats. Finished in a tatami pattern. Each mat comes with 1 strip of edging.

a) Foam : Solid ( Blocks, Sheets)
b) Elongation Ratio : 140%
c) Tensile Strength : 6.0 kg/cm²
d) Tear Strength : 1.5 kg/cm
e) Compression Strength 25% : 0.40 kg/cm³
f) Compression Set 25% : Under 3.5%
g) Density : 0.08-0.01 g/cm³
h) Water Absorption : under 0.003 g/cm³
i) Liner Shrinkage 70°C : ±5.0%
j) Thermal Conductivity : Under 0.04 (kal/ °C)
k) Hardness : 30° ± 3°


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