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Scramble Spats Rashguard Leggings V2 - Black
Scramble Spats Rashguard Leggings V2 - Black Scramble Spats Rashguard Leggings V2 - Black

Scramble Spats Rashguard Leggings V2 - Black

Brand: Scramble
Product Code: Scramble Spats Rashguard Leggings V2 - Black
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DIMENSIONS 30"-32" 34" 36" 38"


Scramble Spats Rashguard Leggings V2 - Black

We know that many of our customers possess superhuman grappling abilities, which is why they buy the Scramble Rainbow Spats.

We also know that there are some of you out there who possess the same skills, the kind that could submit a python with a heel hook and armbar a mandrill's face without even blinking, but you like your grappling tights a little less... fruity. And that's fine.

That's why we've brought back our classic black grappling tights, with new and improved Scramble logos (on shin and butt), and a seal of officialness on the thigh. Scramble Spats - we didn't invent the idea of grappling tights, but we like to think we were the first to pioneer the Men in Tights grappling renaissance of the last couple of years.

These jiu jitsu, MMA and grappling tights feature:

•Improved, higher density polyester blend - resists pilling
•Fully sublimated graphics - no peeling or cracking
•Scramble grappling tights help prevent mat burns, ward off nasty mat-borne bugs, and are extremely comfortable

Find out why we coined the motto - Once you got spats, you never go back!

Original version description:

A first of its kind!

Rash leggings specifically designed for grappling.

Have you ever considered grappling tights? Well, why the hell not?!

- They are hygienic (can help prevent matburn and ingrown hairs)
- They provide protection as an extra layer between your skin and the mats
- They provide warmth under the gi in the winter
- They may help with traction for submissions
- They look ridiculously cool under a pair of grappling or MMA shorts (or even on their own if you're feeling brave.)

The Scramble 'Spats' are inspired by the grapplers of Japan like Shinya Aoki and Satoru Kitaoka who more often than not rock a pair of skin tight spats.

These bad boys are in sleek black with contrast white stitching to bring out the style. Details include a sublimated Scramble logo that will never peel, fade or crack (unlike when you screen print onto rash materials), and a sweet Scramble label folded over the hem of the leg. The material is medium weight black 85% polyester and 15% elasthen (also known as spandex), and features a wide elastic waistband.

They are designed to fit you very snugly, so there is no need to order a size down.

OUR PRICE: £36.99 Inc of VAT

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